January 1, 2024


Only the best Valvoline products with our quality oil change services.

At Mike's Tire and Service, we understand that the lifeblood of your vehicle lies in the quality of its oil. That's why we proudly use Valvoline, a name synonymous with excellence, for all our oil change services.

Let's delve into the benefits of Valvoline oil, our commitment to quality with Valvoline filters, and the choice between full synthetic and conventional oil changes, ensuring your vehicle receives top-tier care.

Valvoline Oil: Unmatched Performance and Protection

When it comes to engine health, Valvoline is a trusted name that has stood the test of time. Our commitment to delivering the best for your vehicle is reflected in our use of Valvoline oil, known for its exceptional performance and protective qualities. Valvoline's advanced formulas are designed to keep your engine running smoothly, providing superior protection against wear, deposits, and thermal breakdown.

Valvoline Filters: Ensuring Clean and Efficient Performance

Quality oil deserves quality filtration, and at Mike's Tire and Service, we pair Valvoline oil with premium Valvoline filters. These filters are engineered to effectively capture contaminants and impurities, preventing them from circulating through your engine. By choosing Valvoline filters, we ensure that your vehicle receives the best possible protection, promoting clean and efficient engine performance.

Full Synthetic or Conventional Oil Changes: Your Choice, Our Expertise

At Mike's Tire and Service, we recognize that each vehicle is unique, and so are its oil needs. That's why we offer both full synthetic and conventional oil changes, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your vehicle and driving habits.

  • Full Synthetic Oil: Ideal for high-performance vehicles, full synthetic oil offers superior lubrication and stability across a wide range of temperatures. It provides enhanced protection against engine wear, extends oil change intervals, and contributes to improved fuel efficiency.
  • Conventional Oil: Well-suited for standard driving conditions, conventional oil is a cost-effective option that meets the basic needs of most vehicles. It provides reliable lubrication and protection, making it a practical choice for regular maintenance.

Why Choose Mike's Tire and Service for Your Oil Change Needs?

  • Valvoline Expertise: We trust Valvoline for its proven track record of excellence in oil formulations, ensuring your vehicle receives the best care possible.
  • Premium Filtration: Our commitment to quality extends to the use of Valvoline filters, enhancing the effectiveness of your oil change service.
  • Flexibility: Choose between full synthetic and conventional oil changes, tailored to your vehicle's specific requirements.
  • Professional Service: Our skilled technicians provide efficient and thorough oil change services, backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Elevate your vehicle's performance with Mike's Tire and Service, where Valvoline oil, Valvoline filters, and a choice between full synthetic and conventional oil changes come together to provide the ultimate in engine care. Trust us to keep your vehicle running smoothly, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Schedule your next oil change with us and experience the difference that premium products and professional service can make.

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